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Use our AI-plugin to increase profit by serving discounts to only the customers who need it. Risk free, 2x ROI guaranteed.

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A Better Way to Grow Your Business

Tired of poor margins? Volatile returns? Poor insights? False promises? We're on a mission to clean up the revenue growth industry — using real AI to optimize your product prices in real time.

Tried & Tested

Our real world experience has helped us learn how to set prices in an experience that is undetectable to users, with various features to ensure the highest possible conversions.

  • Data Driven

    We leverage our massive data-sets to predict what users will buy and at what prices. Everything is tracked, and reviewed weekly by our in-house Data Scientists.

  • Compliant

    Our systems abide by pricing and privacy laws, maintaining GDPR and Robinson-Patman Act compliance. All data is encrypted and is not resold to third parties.

  • Real Time

    Price optimization happens in real time, with prices changing based on user information before pages even load.

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When a product is this good we beleive everyone should win, so we only charge when we earn you money.


$ 89 /month
  • Up to $10k MRR

  • 200% ROI Guarantee

  • Full Data Access

Most popular


$ 899 /month
  • Up to $100k MRR

  • Everything in Starter

  • Expidited customer support

  • Installation support


0.9 % / Revenue
  • Everything in Scaling

  • Dedicated Account Manager

  • Custom Integration

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you manage my account?

We use our API to control an Artificial Intelligence which modifies your prices in real time. You can monitor and control this via our live sales dashboard.

How much will my profits improve?

This varies massively from one account to the next. Increases in profit should range from 10% up to 500% depending on your existing optimization and profit margins.

Do you charge any set-up fees?

No, the only times we will charge you are if we've increased your profit.

Is this service safe to use?

Yes, we maintain regulatory compliance, including GDPR and Robinson-Patman Act compliance. All data on our servers is encrypted. Furthermore, we strive to ensure user experience is not distrupted, with our systems not being visible to end-users.

Can I work as usual?

Yes 100%. Our service is completely non-interuptive and you can run your business as you usually would, including running discounts and modifying listings.

Will this interfere with my ad-campaign?

No, in fact we can integrate with your existing ad-campaign to set prices based on ad targeting data, further improving your profits!

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