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We'll pay you 15% of the first 3 months of payments a customer makes when they use your affiliate link. It's that simple.

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Having been in sales for over 22 years and working with many large companies, SMEs and startups… Working with EcomPricer has been a breath of fresh air. They provided everything I needed and showed early they’re committed to my success. The materials were easy to adopt and transit out through my network, and their low friction payout system keeps me motivated to bring in new clients… but above all else IT WORKS they provide what they say, our clients are happy and making more money than ever before. For me… water is wet, rocks are hard and EcomPricer works. Every. Time.
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Refer a user, earn a 15% cut of their first 3 months of payments

When a user signs up with your affiliate code, we'll pay you 15% of their first 3 months of payments, with no limit. All individual payouts over $1,000 are subject to a 90-120 day holding period, which can be waived by contacting our verification team.

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Client Revenue
Estimated Payout
Client Revenue
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Important Terms

Our payouts can be life-changing, and our product is exciting to sell. We want to make it easy and lucrative to use our affiliate program, but there are still some terms and rules we need you to understand.

  • Be Good

    EcomPricer is a great product, easy to sell, and with excellent affiliate rewards - You don't need to do anything illegal, unethical, or unorthodox to sell it, and if you do we'll ban you from our platform. Be good and we'll be good to you.

  • Don't Spam, Don't Harass

    Feel free to advertise, or run ads, but don't do anything illegal or likely to annoy a customer.

  • Be Legally Able To Be Paid

    When your affiliate code is used by a customer for the first time, we'll email you a W-9 form. In order for us to be able to pay you it is legally required that you fill this out and are legally eligible to be paid in the United States.

  • Don't Represent Us

    We're glad you like us, but it is important you make clear that you are not a representative of EcomPricer, rather, you're independent and helping connect customers with a great product.

  • Tell The Truth

    EcomPricer is a great product, and we can tell you all about it. Don't tell customers anything about the product that you haven't learned from us.

  • This Is Not A Job

    You are not being employed by us (not even in a part time capacity) and are not eligible for benefits or wages. You will recieve a 1099-Misc via email if we pay you.

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